Let’s help the bees and reduce hunger together

Imagine a grey world without almonds, apples or fragrant flowers…

Sounds terrible, right?

Unfortunately, that’s the shocking future we face if we don’t work to help our most precious pollinator: bees. Far from being a niche concern, bees are at the heart of our survival. One in three bites of food we eat depends entirely on bees – and they are dying out.

The Honeybee Conservancy is a 501c3 non-profit organization that works to help the bees, while increasing access to organic, sustainable food in under-served communities.

Like you, we’re passionate about bee conservation, sustainability and local food.

Our Focus Areas

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Bee Sanctuaries

Local Food

Local Food





What is Sponsor-a-Hive?

Our national Sponsor-A-Hive program strategically places buzzing bees in gardens and urban farms that are doing exceptional work to grow fresh produce for schools, soup kitchens, senior citizen centers, and low income neighborhoods.

By adding bees to these vibrant gardens, fruit and vegetable quality improves and the amount of food grown increases by up to 71%!

Making America Buzz Coast to Coast!

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3.4 Million Bees

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392,000 people impacted

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165 Bee Homes

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35 U.S. States

"The Sponsor-A-Hive bees really bolstered our yield. Last year we had 150 pounds of strawberries. This year with the beehives, which are right next to the Strawberry Field, we harvested over 220 pounds of strawberries. It's been a great benefit to the farm."

Todd Gustafson, City Green, New Jersey, 2016 Sponsor-A-Hive bee recipient

Our Partners

Our bee charity partners with forward-thinking companies, nonprofits, governments, and other organizations committed to sustainability. Together, we can build stronger communities and support declining pollinator populations.