Science & Environmental Education

From lessons on the environment and zoology, to nutrition and biology, a beehive is a science class in a box.  

Our science and education programs build environmental stewardship by teaching children and adults about the lives of bees, the dire consequences of bee population collapse, and how we can act as stewards for bees and their natural environment.

Bee Ambassador Visits

Our Bee Ambassadors deliver Educational and Outreach initiatives at schools and community events.

During classroom visits, we bring our portable, glass observation hive and teaching materials. The hive safely introduces bees to adults and children, while also generating Q&A and discussion about bees, our ecosystem, science, and our local food system.

Want a Bee Ambassador to visit your school or organization?

Educational Materials

Our science program builds environmental stewardship by providing teachers with lesson plans and activities designed to build reading and science skills, raise environmental awareness, and empower students to help the bees.

Teachers and students nationwide also use The Honeybee Conservancy’s free bee lesson plans and activity sheets. These teacher-designed lessons build reading and science skills and empower students to help the bees.

Demonstration Hives

Demonstration hives in our BeeVillage locations give children and adults the unique opportunity to experience bees and their environment firsthand. We believe this exposure to the fascinating world of bees gives people the power to move from bee observers to bee advocates.