Sponsor-A-Hive is placing bees and hives across the US and Canada to advance bee conservation and food justice

Sponsor-a-Hive as a Solution

Without bees to pollinate flora, we will not only lose a keystone species, but also a creature responsible for pollinating one-third of the food we eat. Sponsor-A-Hive is an annual program targeting two major issues in the US and Canada: declining bee populations and limited access to food in low-income communities.

  Each year, Sponsor-A-Hive selects partner organizations to which we gift native bees or honey bees along with their homes, beekeeping equipment, and continuous training and support. At their new homes, the bees thrive, pollinate, and help boost the crop yield of community gardens.



Our Impact

We are helping boost sustainability in the US and Canada by creating bee sanctuaries that pollinate and educate. Since our founding in 2009, Sponsor-A-Hive has made a large impact. Just look at the numbers.

bees pollinators

10 Million Bees

bee hive

300 Bee Sanctuaries

national beekeeping program

44 States (in 2020: 50 States + Canada!)

social impact bees

747,000 People

Native Bee Conservation

There are over 4,000 species of native bees in North America alone. Unfortunately, 1 in 4 of those native bees is endangered. To help conserve and boost native bee populations, we provide native bees over honey bees whenever we can.

  Some of the native bees we find habitat for are:

Advancing Pollinator Education

Sponsor-a-Hive recipients also participate in our Bee Ambassadors program, where their hives host invaluable discussions to advance science and environmental education. Bee Ambassadors deliver hands-on, motivating programs about bees, and we equip them with materials such as steam lesson plans, presentations, and bee lesson plans.

Together, we're building a movement of people dedicated to reclaiming habitat and protecting the bees that are so necessary to our local ecosystems and sustaining healthy food systems.