Honeybee Sanctuaries


Our “bee sanctuaries” serve as an educational magnet and an engaging attraction for visitors. The hives also support honey bee populations, which have steeply declined since 2006. This is a concern since, according to the USDA, about one in three mouthfuls of food we eat benefits from honeybee pollination.

Our sanctuaries include honey bee hives and solitary bee nesting sites. The hives are placed in local gardens, urban farms and green spaces where they can serve as a valuable environmental and educational resource. Learn more about our BeeVillage apiaries including our hives at The Cathedral Church of St. John, which are home a queen bee named “The Divine Queen”.

Divine bees


As beekeeping carries a high cost of entry, our Sponsor-a-Hive program donates hives, bees (honey bees and solitary bees) and beekeeping equipment to beekeepers in communities where these magnificent pollinators and work the gardens that offer fresh, organic food to the community and/or serve as an educational magnet for nearby grade schools and high schools.

BeeVillage honeybee education