Bee Research

The Honeybee Conservancy aims to spark scientific curiosity in all people, to bring science into the public sphere, and to make conservation research a community effort.


BeeBlitz is our national program to engage Citizen Scientists in protecting and preserving the United States’ 4,000+ native bee species. The Honeybee Conservancy partners with motivated bee conservation organizations nationwide to launch BeeBlitz.  BeeBlitz mobilizes bee advocates nationwide to photograph the bees they discover in their neighborhood or at a BeeBlitz event in a greenspace using the iNaturalist app.  These citizen scientists are helping to document and help build a biodiversity database for the local bees they find.

Our 2019 partners include:

Mite-A-Thon for Honey Bees

We're collaborating with the Pollinator Partnership in an effort to help beekeepers and honey bees across North America by participating in the Mite-A-Thon.

The Mite-A-Thon is a bee research initiative to assist beekeepers in checking their bees for the parasitic mite, Varroa destructor (varroa), with the two primary objectives of 1) raising awareness about honey bee colony varroa infestations in North America through effective monitoring methods and 2) making management strategies available for discussion within bee organizations utilizing Mite-A-Thon bee research partner-developed information and outreach materials.