Food Literacy & Community Outreach

We’re committed to working towards a more sustainable future, which is we participate in outreach events in parks, museums, gardens and community gatherings. Our honey tastings at these events deliver food literacy and introduce people to the varied flavors of local honey. This is key as Americans import 70% of the honey they consume (Source: NY Times).

honeybee Conservancy urban beekeeping

Battery Conservancy

We participate in the Battery annual festivals, Earth Day Weekend and Harvest festival, which reach several thousands visitors each year. The events feature key figures in sustainability and over 300 eco-friendly businesses that offer the latest and greatest in sustainable products and services. 

Museum of Modern Art

We participated in an informal dialogue and honey tasting over tea on bees, honey, urban beekeeping and artist Jan Mun's BeeSpace Audio Observation art project as part of MoMA Studio: Exchange Café.



Museo del Barrio

Melding creativity and sustainability, we gave a talk and dialogued on urban beekeeping at Museo del Barrio, one of the world’s leading Latino cultural institutions.


El-Museo-del-Barrio beekeeping

Million Trees NYC

Bees gather most of their pollen and nectar for trees. For that reason, we kicked off large-scale volunteer effort to ‘green’ and reforest New York City.

This event was part of a “Trees for Bees” initiative in partnership with NYC Beekeeping. Our team of beekeepers and bee-lovers planted hundreds of trees for Million Trees NYC, an pioneering public-private initiative led by New York Restoration Project and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation.


Million trees beekeeping group

More than Honey

We hosted a community screening of the award-winning documentary, More than Honey, in which Oscar-nominated director Markus Imhoof tackles the issue of why bees, worldwide, are dying. The film visits the bees and beekeepers across the globe from the pristine Swiss Alps to Varroa destructor-free Australia to California’s bustling almond orchards to the fields of China, where crops have to be hand-pollinated due to the death of their bees.


More than Honey screening - volunteers


Vanishing of the Bees

The Honeybee Conservancy, BeeNative and the Natural Resources Defense Council co-organized an fundraising event and auction for Vanishing of the Bees, an award-winning documentary co-directed by George Langworthy and Maraym Heinen. Narrated by Ellen Page, the must-watch film explored the collapse of honeybee populations across the planet and its risk to $15 billion dollars’ worth of U.S. agricultural revenue products. The auction included an autographed copy of What Do Bees Do? by esteemed actor Tina Louise, pictured. Pictured are George, Tina and Maryam.

Vanishing of the Bees George Langworthy,Ti#13DC9A


Green Festival

During Earth Day Weekend, we joined NYC Beekeeping to speak on Urban Beekeeping at Green Festival. The festival, the largest green living event in the world, attracting more than 20,000 people and held in New York City’s Javits Center’s LEED-certified pavilion.

Meet our outreach heroes: Bee Ambassadors