Sponsor-a-Hive: Helping Haiti

Beekeeping has enormous potential to create change


In a country like Haiti, where 3 in 5 citizens live in poverty, beekeeping has enormous potential to create change.Haiti remains one of the poorest countries in the world: 75% of Haiti's population lives on less than $2 a day, half on less than $1 a day, according to the UN World Food Programme. It imports 80% of its rice and more than half of all its food, despite 60% of Haitians working in agriculture. An estimated 7 million of the 10 million population are food insecure and USAid estimates that up to 30% of children are chronically malnourished.

In spite of the hardship, the Haitian people remain resilient with a strong will to bounce back as a community. There is a reason that the motto of Haiti is "L'union fait la force": "in unity there is strength." What better example of the power of collaboration do we have than the honey bee hive?


The Honeybee Conservancy is expanding its Sponsor-a-Hive program in partnership with Hives for Haiti and Bees Beyond Borders. With your support, we'll establish hives and provide training to local community members - at least 50% women - who are interested in beekeeping. Beginning in Port-au-Prince we’ll train beekeepers in a neighborhood was a violent slum that had been long neglected. This project are to provide new income for the community and to alleviate poverty through the training and support of local people in the practice of beekeeping.

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Long-term support


Economic Empowering economically Haitians with beekeeping skills and capacity as way of addressing rural poverty
Agricultural Pollination of crops and flowers within a 3km radius - key as bees increase crop yield by up to 71% and also the size and nutritional quality of the crops
Equality Addressing gender inequality by increasing women’s independence and decision-making power
Medical Honey is used to heal wounds, cuts and burns as it is antibacterial and antimicrobial; propolis, has the highest antimicrobial activity of all products of the hive
Biodiversity conservation The honeybees in Haiti are a unique and subspecies descended from the original hives brought Spanish and French colonists. Our program works only with local Haitian bees in order to conserve this vibrant and potentially valuable genotype


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Bees Beyond Borders

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Our beekeeping training in Haiti fundamentals of bee biology and behavior and the tools, training, and resources needed to successfully keep bees. Delivered in Creole and English, this beekeeping 101 course will cover:

  • basic honey bee biology and life cycle
  • hive installation and placement
  • beekeeping apparel & equipment
  • basic beekeeping 101 management
  • seasonal management
  • diseases, pests, problems and treatments
  • dealing with neighbors & community
  • feeding colonies