Sponsor-A-Hive FAQ

What is Sponsor-A-Hive?

Sponsor-A-Hive is a program that advances bee conservation and empowers communities with the education, tools, supplies, and bees 🐝needed to support sustainable agriculture in their neighborhood. 🐝🐝🐝  We provide free bees and more to local organizations that have passed a rigorous application and interview process and express an interest in partnering with us to advocate for our precious pollinators.

Is my school or organization eligible for Sponsor-A-Hive?

Please review the eligibility requirements on our Sponsor-A-Hive page. Feel free to use our Contact Form if you have any questions.

How many partnership applications are selected?

Our 2020 application is by invitation only.

Are schools or organizations located outside of the U.S. eligible?

To be eligible, applicants must be located in the continental U.S.

How can I apply?

Our 2020 application opens in September 2019. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified when the application is available.

Can I send extra items such as video or photographs?

Yes, we would be happy to receive materials that help illustrate your story. In the application, you will be able to upload files under 5 MB.

Are there specific types of organizations or programs that you will not fund?

We do not partner with individuals or families, or with organizations that do not meet our eligibility requirements, as outlined on our Sponsor-A-Hive page.

My organization received Sponsor-A-Hive last year. Can we apply again?

If your organization’s application was selected last year, you cannot reapply this year. You will be able to apply two or more years after becoming a Sponsor-A-Hive partner.

How will I know that my application was received?

Invited applicants will receive an email confirmation that your application was received. It will arrive within the hour after your application was submitted.

When will I be notified if I have been selected?

All applicants will be notified in December.

What type of bee will I receive?

You will have a choice of honey bees, leafcutter bees or mason bees. Please read the information about these bee species to decide which type of bee is best suited to your geography and goals.

I can’t host a hive, but I still want to help. How can I do so?

No problem! Learn what you can do to help the bees, which includes planting a bee garden. Also, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you’d like to donate so that more bees can be placed in community and school gardens around the U.S., visit our Donations page.