15 Fundraising Ideas

Want to host a fundraiser for bees, but not sure which type of fundraiser to do? With a little creativity, you can turn everyday activities into fundraising opportunities. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

1. Host a Bee-Themed Birthday

Share your birthday with the bees and deck out your party with bee decorations and a bee-themed cake. Instead of asking for gifts, ask your guests to donate funds for the bee cause!


For her daughter’s 1st birthday, Heather threw a bee-themed party and raised more than $100.

2. Host a Dinner Party

A dinner party is a great way to fundraise while bringing attention to bees’ crucial role as pollinators! Invite your friends over for a meal and make sure that your menu incorporates some food that depends on bees, such as almonds and berries. Create a little donation station with a laptop or other device that has your personal fundraising page saved to it, so that attendees can easily use it to make an online contribution during the event.

Tip: Make some placards with facts about the importance of bees for the food that we eat, such as: 1.) 1 in 3 bites of food depends on bee pollination, and 2.) Up to 100% of almond crops would disappear without bees.


3. Host a Honey Tasting

Not everyone knows it, but each hive’s honey has a unique taste depending on the flowers the bees pollinated in order to produce them. A honey tasting is a unique and creative way to introduce your friends and colleagues to the varieties of honey! What you will need to do is buy at least two different honeys (preferably from a local beekeeper) and set a table to try the honey with. We recommend pairing the honey with cheese (ricotta, brie and goat cheese work well), crackers, or fruits (such as figs, berries, and apricots). The choice is yours on how to pair foods with honey, so get creative and do some research. Aim to create a unique atmosphere with candles and decor, then ask your guests to donate to help save the bees!


We’ve all been to a wine tasting, but what about a honey tasting? Check out this list of fundraising ideas to learn about how you can do a honey tasting to #BeeTheSolution and #SaveTheBees. Click To Tweet



4. Organize a Bake Sale

Who doesn’t love sweets? You can fundraise by hosting a bake sale and displaying some facts on your table about bee pollination and our food. For example: 1.) 1 in 3 bites of food depends on bee pollination and 2.) Up to 100% of almond crops would disappear without bees.

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5th-grader Annabel organized a bake sale in her neighborhood and raised over $80 in funds. In a letter, Annabel wrote, “The bake sale was definitely successful and we sold out on everything! I hope the bees are thankful for my donation!”

5. Sell Something

You can sell soap, wildflower seeds, granola, or well, wooden shoes if you’d like. Honey-themed items or biodegradable items made of sustainable materials are recommended!

to bee determined


Lydia is a determined high school student who is fundraising by selling adorable bee t-shirts through her To Bee Determined project! She has raised $400 so far.

6. Do a Dare

Dare to do something crazy to raise awareness for the bees - Dye your hair, shave your head, or jump into cold water! One way to do this is to announce a dare that you will do in exchange for people supporting your fundraiser. It’s best to do the dare whether or not you get enough support to hit your fundraising goal, but the fun part of this challenge is that you’ll definitely get peoples’ attention if your dare is strange enough!

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Save the Bees Smoothie Sale

At Newark Academy, students held a smoothie sale fundraiser. They implemented several zero-waste initiatives, including not using disposable cups. They also placed informational signs around their cafeteria to raise awareness on the foods, fruits, and vegetables we would lose without bee pollination.

7. Create a Beverage Stand

Set up a stand to sell refreshing cool drinks or cozy hot drinks, and donate all your proceeds to the bees! You can print out useful informative handouts to help you spread the word about the importance of bees. Use the opportunity to bring attention to the ingredients in your drinks that depend on bee pollination. (For instance, coffee benefits from bee pollination, and berries depend heavily on bees!)


8. Host a Read-a-Thon

Hosting a read-a-thon involves gathering donations to support a full day of reading. This is easy to organize at someone’s home or for students at a school library. For some tips about organizing a read-a-thon, check out this great blog post. If you’re going to take donations during the read-a-thon itself, make sure to set up a little donation station with a device that has your personal fundraising page saved to it, so that attendees can process their online donation on-site.


9. Host a Walkathon or Bikeathon

Set a date and decide a route where you will host a walkathon or bikeathon! Ask people to donate to your fundraising page before the event, and spread the word through social media and in community spaces. Idea: post interesting bee facts along the route or request that people dress as pollinators or flowers!

10. Sell Your Artwork or Crafts

If you’re an artist, you can sell your art and handcrafted work, and donate the proceeds to support our natural artists, bees!

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A Chicago artist did an art auction/raffle to raise funds for The Honeybee Conservancy! Each person that donated to her online fundraiser was entered into a raffle drawing to win this beautiful bee painting. In the end she raised $275!

11. Give Up Holiday Gifts

Make an announcement that you will not be accepting material gifts during the holiday season. Instead, ask your friends and family to #BeeTheSolution and donate to your personal fundraising page.


12. Host a Concert

Enlist a local artist or musician to play a show and create a fundraising page in advance for the charity concert. Have the musician share with their contacts about why they are playing the show, and invite your supporters to donate to your page instead of paying admission. Ideally, the musician(s) will perform for little or no charge so that all your proceeds will go toward the bees!


13. Host a BeeBlitz!

Gather friends to document and build a database of the bees in your neighborhood! BeeBlitz has been an incredibly successful event that people have organized nationwide. The data captured during your BeeBlitz can be used for conservation planning, environmental education, and insight into the richness of our urban ecosystems. Friends can commit to donating $2 for every bee spotted.

See: BeeBlitz


You can use the power of #CitizenScience to fundraise for bee conservation, food justice, and environmental education. Check out this list of ideas to see how you can #BeeTheSolution. Click To Tweet


14. Start a Book Club

You can raise money by hosting a book club! Even better, consider reading a book about bees, the environment, or pollination. Create a little donation station with a laptop or other device that has your personal fundraising page saved to it, so that attendees can easily use it to make an online contribution during your meetings.


15. Host a Movie Screening

Like movies? Want to help bees? You can #BeeTheSolution and host a movie screening to raise awareness about declining pollinators. We once hosted a similar event with success:  Before its premier, we partnered with the NRDC to screen Vanishing of the Bees to an audience of 250 sustainability influencers. Narrated by Ellen Page, The Vanishing of the Bees is a must-watch film that explores the collapse of the world's honeybee population and the impact it could have on $15 billion dollars’ worth of the U.S. agricultural industry.

Learn more about hosting this screening.


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