Fundraise to #BeeTheSolution

Help Give a Gift With Wings

Our bees are in crisis, but you are in a unique position to help.

Join the many people who are taking action to protect bees by hosting an educational fundraiser. Your event could provide information on how we can all help the bees, and also fundraise to support our #BeeTheSolution campaign, a pressing call-to-action that will add 1 million bees to communities in need across the U.S. and Canada.


Why host an educational fundraiser to help bees? Bees are a keystone species responsible for pollinating one-third of the food we eat. However, bees are experiencing die-offs every year due to the loss of habitat, rampant pesticide use, and there's growing research about bees and climate change that shows they're being negatively impacted. And with 40 million people in the U.S. already living in food-insecure households, losing more bees would have devastating consequences on food supplies.


Fundraising - Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Choose a Fundraising Activity

Whoever said there's no "fun" in "fundraising" didn't know how to spell. There are many creative ways that you can fundraise to help bees! To explore ideas, follow the link below.

2. Make a Fundraising Page

Creating a fundraising page just takes a few minutes. You can find more details on this on our "Getting Started" page.

3. Spread the Word!

Ask your friends and family for support. Promote your fundraiser on social media. Use the hashtag #BeeTheSolution, #BeeAmbassador and tag us on Instagram (@thehoneybeeconservancy).


40 million people in the US already live in food-insecure households. A continued decline in bee populations will only make matters worse. Learn how you can help #BeeTheSolution by fundraising with The Honeybee Conservancy #THBC… Click To Tweet

Oh, The Fundraisers You Can Do!

You can turn just about anything into a fundraiser. Here are some creative fundraisers other bee lovers like you have done (we have a list of fundraising ideas for you too). We can’t wait to see what you choose to do!

From these examples, you'll see that fundraising to help bees can come in all shapes and sizes:


honey tasting

Honey Tasting

$2,170 raised by

Franklin Middle School

candle fundraising

Candle Sale

$1,300 raised by

Los Gatos High School

art auction

Art Auction

$270 raised by


soap sale fundraiser

Soap Sale

$400 raised by


Discover more fundraising ideas:

How Will My Fundraiser Help?

First of all, thank you for your interest in fundraising with us. Without the support of passionate people like you, we wouldn't be able to do the work we do. Your activism will help our bee charity home 1 million bees, especially native bees, in communities most in need across the U.S. and Canada.

At The Honeybee Conservancy, we create bee sanctuaries that empower communities and support local agriculture, as well as train Bee Ambassadors to lead educational events that inspire environmental stewardship. The funds you raise will help us cover the costs of operations and programs such as Sponsor-A-Hive and Citizen Science programs such as BeeBlitz.

Learn more: Our Work

Ready to Join the Movement?

Welcome to the hive! We are thrilled you have chosen to #BeeTheSolution by hosting a fundraiser to help bees. Follow the link below to get started!