• empire state bee hive

    Bee The Solution: Campaign Launch

    Bee The Solution Campaign Launches Celebrating 10 years & the Empire State Beehive! On September 25, 2019, The Honeybee Conservancy wrapped up National Honey Month with a bang. Joining forces with Monique Gabriela Curnen – activist and star from the hit TV show Power – The Honeybee Conservancy celebrated their 10th anniversary with two exciting […]

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  • Stacked Honey Jars

    Funny Honey: the Murky Contents of Commercial Honey

    What is funny honey? With so many options to choose from, shopping in a grocery store can get complicated. This is especially true when it comes to choosing honey. Many of the honey products you will find on shelves is not pure honey, but is rather “funny honey.” If it isn’t just flavored high fructose […]

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  • Bee Ambassador Event

    Chef Fernando Trocca Meets the Bees at Divine Apiary

    Written by Monica Zadan A group of foodies from Argentina, led by prominent chef Fernando Trocca (Sucre Restaurant, Gaucho), made a stop to visit Bee Ambassador Nicole Toutounji and her bees at the Cathedral of St John the Divine bee sanctuary. Afterward, they all agreed that was one of the highlights of their gastronomical tour. […]

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  • honeybees

    5 Surprising Honey Facts to Savor

    Honey Trivia Night is coming up at your local cafe. You already know that there are 300 different honey varietals in the US. Heck, you can even identify them all by their flavor. But you’re nervous. What if you don’t know the honey facts you need to know? Not to worry. We gathered these 5 surprising honey […]

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  • robinia pseudoacacia

    Black Locust to Tupelo: 9 honeys made from Trees

    Bees need trees: from Black Locust to Tupelo Did you know that bees make most of their living from trees? Trees such as the Black Locust are major sources of nectar, which honey bees transform into sweet honey. According to the National Honey Board, “There are more than 300 unique types of honey available in the United […]

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  • puppy dog with honey fur

    Honey for Dogs (and other pets)?

    Can I give my dog raw honey? There are a number of “people foods’ that shouldn’t be fed to your pet. Is raw honey one of them?

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  • honey on a spoon

    The 5 Best Honey Hacks for Honey Lovers

    The 5 best honey hacks for honey lovers – from food to beauty to healing

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  • honeybees

    Beekeeper’s Calendar: August

    There are lots of things to look forward to in August — late-summer vacations, ripe peaches, hive robbing like in the video above… wait, maybe not that last one. By August, the summer nectar flow has definitely tapered off for most of us. If you haven’t already harvested honey, it’s time to remove the surplus, […]

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  • bee on cactus flower

    The Pollen Basket

    A Bee and her Basket… Do you know what is a pollen basket?  Hmmm…  Well, have you ever noticed that some of the bees you see flying have these orange or yellow clumps on their hind legs? If you haven’t, they look like this.  

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  • European honeybee pollinating Prasium majus

    Trees, Bees and Global Warming

    Global forests are suffering from rising temperatures There are a number of important reasons why the Carmel Forest should mostly be allowed to rehabilitate itself. According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies the temperatures across the planet between December 1, 2009, and November 30, 2010, show that 2010 ranks as the hottest year on […]

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