• Bee Ambassador Event

    Chef Fernando Trocca Meets the Bees at Divine Apiary

    Written by Monica Zadan A group of foodies from Argentina, led by prominent chef Fernando Trocca (Sucre Restaurant, Gaucho), made a stop to visit Bee Ambassador Nicole Toutounji and her bees at the Cathedral of St John the Divine bee sanctuary. Afterward, they all agreed that was one of the highlights of their gastronomical tour. […]

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  • pepper in hand banner

    Thunder Valley Brings Honeybees to the “Good Food” Fight

    Thunder Valley Community Development Corp. adopted a powerful Food Sovereignty Initiative. A hive of honeybees has landed to help Thunder Valley win the “good food” fight. Thunder Valley wants community gardens – organic community gardens; They’re aiming for agricultural self-reliance amid a food desert; They want to teach community youth about sustainable agriculture … Bring on […]

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  • honeybees

    5 Surprising Honey Facts to Savor

    Honey Trivia Night is coming up at your local cafe. You already know that there are 300 different honey varietals in the US. Heck, you can even identify them all by their flavor. But you’re nervous. What if you don’t know the honey facts you need to know? Not to worry. We gathered these 5 surprising honey […]

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  • Cleveland Botanical Garden Slavic Village Learning Farm

    Cleveland Botanical Garden’s Honey Bees Feed the Food Desert

    Thumbs up to the Cleveland Botanical Garden’s urban learning farms, where honey bees pollinate the food desert! Cleveland Botanical Garden Turns A Food Desert Into An Urban Farm The term “food desert” describes communities in the United States that lack fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods. These areas spring up in impoverished neighborhoods within cities. Food deserts create a problem […]

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  • bee education

    The Honeybee Conservancy Lesson Plan Library

    Welcome educators, are you looking for lesson plans? Inspired by a love for sustainability and bees, we have created this curated library of free lesson plans, activity sheets and educational materials for you and your students. We hope it inspires you to include information about bees, pollination and sustainability in your classroom. If you would […]

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  • what if there were no bees? graphic

    5 Bee Books for Children

    5 Bee Books for Children How can we educate children on honeybees and Colony Collapse disorder?   Teachers and educators everywhere have been wondering if there are books out there that can be used in the classroom to teach students about honeybees and the problem of Colony Collapse Disorder. It can be hard to find […]

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  • children in beekeepers clothes

    Bees for Kids: Beehives Teach Kids 7 Vital Life Lessons

    What can kids learn from bees? Sure, we love the birds. But, for now, let’s talk about bees for kids – or, more precisely, the beehives that many schools are now hosting to teach kids. For one thing, schools are determined to bring the outdoors into education. Gardens are one popular way, but many schools […]

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  • More Than Honey movie poster

    See MORE THAN HONEY; Taste Local Honey

    Come join us at a a screening of the award-winning documentary, MORE THAN HONEY and join our tastings of local NYC honey.

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