• World Bee Day celebrated by beekeeping groups nationwide

    BEEKEEPING CHARITIES COAST-TO-COAST OBSERVE WORLD BEE DAY, MAY 20, 2018 WORLD BEE DAY IS A UNITED NATIONS-RECOGNIZED GLOBAL EVENT Public events by beekeeping groups nationwide will amplify the message of World Bee Day to raise awareness of the critical role that bees play in cities and towns nationwide including Seattle, Detroit and New York City. […]

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  • Leafcutter Bee House

    Get to Know Wild Bee Hotels

    Tips for 5-Star Wild Bee Hotels Bee hotels are fast becoming a backyard staple. Similar to birdhouses, bee hotels provide vital and missing nesting habitat. In the wild, hole-nesting bees usually nest in holes in standing dead trees, fallen logs, and broken branches of bushes and large grasses. Wild hole-nesting bees are desperately searching for […]

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  • Stacked Honey Jars

    Funny Honey: the Murky Contents of Commercial Honey

    Funny honey – it’s really not that funny With so many options to choose from, sometimes grocery shopping can get complicated. This is especially true when it comes to funny honey. If it isn’t just flavored high fructose corn syrup, funny honey is adulterated honey that contains cheaper sweeteners, illegally trafficked honey, and/or chemicals. US […]

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  • smoker graphic in color

    Beekeeping 101: Learn How to Use the The Bee Smoker

    Thanks to Sarah Plonski for this article about the bee smoker. Visit her on Sarah Plus Bees Bee Smoker Basics The bee smoker is an essential part of a beekeeper’s tool kit. Even if you have very gentle bees and seldom need to use the beekeeper’s smoker, it’s a good idea to have one lit […]

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  • bee in flower

    Honey Bees: Heroes of Our Planet

    Have you ever had the opportunity to observe the busy work of a tiny honey bee as it meanders from flower to flower on a clear, sunny day? There’s something truly captivating about honey bees that draws us deeper into their world. We see honey bees frequently in books, movies, and television, where they are […]

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  • Elmhurst College

    Introducing the Partners of Sponsor-A-Hive 2017

    Thanks to Your Help, Sponsor-A-Hive Created 62 Bee Sanctuaries in 2017! Imagine a gift with wings — a tireless donation that helps grow one-third of the food we eat in this country. Now imagine bee hives arriving at schools and community gardens across the country. We’re proud to announce that with your support, we made […]

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  • Bee Ambassador Event

    Chef Fernando Trocca Meets the Bees at Divine Apiary

    Written by Monica Zadan A group of foodies from Argentina, led by prominent chef Fernando Trocca (Sucre Restaurant, Gaucho), made a stop to visit Bee Ambassador Nicole Toutounji and her bees at the Cathedral of St John the Divine bee sanctuary. Afterward, they all agreed that was one of the highlights of their gastronomical tour. […]

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  • Kitchen Innovations Reflecting Nature

    Kitchen Tools Creator, Kitchen Innovations, Supports Sponsor-A-Hive

    Kitchen Innovations Supports Sponsor-A-Hive Kitchen Innovations designs, manufactures, and distributes quality kitchen tools that discerning fans appreciate. It’s the latest partner to support The Honeybee Conservancy’s Sponsor-A-Hive program. In developing its Zeal Reflecting Nature line, Kitchen Innovations ‘ designers found inspiration in nature and the flowers from which bees gather nectar and pollen. Importantly, all Kitchen Innovations tools are made […]

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  • Announcing our 2017 Sponsor-A-Hive Partners

    60 Sponsor-A-Hive Partnerships Bees, hives, equipment, training and support provided to help create a robust healthy food system 1 Giving Bees, Giving FoodImagine a gift with wings — a tireless donation that helps grow one-third of the food we eat in this country. Now imagine bee hives arriving at schools and community gardens across the country. […]

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  • Bees

    KSU Farms to Help Revive Bee Population

    At Kennesaw State University, The Siegel Institute for Leadership, Ethics and Character recently received a grant supporting its collaborative efforts with KSU’s produce farm to help raise Georgia’s bee population. The grant will allow KSU’s Hickory Grove Farm to add Mason bees and Leafcutter bees to its current livestock. The grant will also allow for […]

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