• the pollinators documentary

    Documentary Screening: The Pollinators

    The Pollinators Documentary Screenings This November, we are proud to be hosting screenings of the documentary The Pollinators in four major cities across the US. Scheduled during the National Day of Screenings on November 6, 2019, The Pollinators will be screened on November 6 and November 11 in the following cities: November 6, 2019 – […]

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  • empire state bee hive

    Bee The Solution: Campaign Launch

    Bee The Solution Campaign Launches Celebrating 10 years & the Empire State Beehive! On September 25, 2019, The Honeybee Conservancy wrapped up National Honey Month with a bang. Joining forces with Monique Gabriela Curnen – activist and star from the hit TV show Power – The Honeybee Conservancy celebrated their 10th anniversary with two exciting […]

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  • beeblitz program

    The Honeybee Conservancy Launches BeeBlitz to Protect Native Bees

    NEW YORK, June 11, 2019 /PRNewswire/ – Aiming to protect bee biodiversity in the US and improve the public’s environmental knowledge, The Honeybee Conservancy has partnered with 10 beekeeping organizations nationwide to launch BeeBlitz. The BeeBlitz will be a nationwide series of events, inviting citizens to gather and document the diversity of bee species in […]

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  • Harry Barker Announces Partnership with the Honeybee Conservancy

    Harry Barker Announces Partnership with the Honeybee Conservancy Two like-minded companies with a commitment to sustainabilitycome together for the betterment of our planet. SAN FRANCISCO, CA, April 2019–Harry Barker, the award-winning, earth-friendly pet company just announced a partnership with The Honeybee Conservancy, the New York City based charity that works to bolster the bee population […]

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  • Green Roofs

    Green Roofs Buildings for Bees In the city, bee habitat and foraging opportunities become smaller and more distant from each other. These segments of green space have become known as “habitat patches,” disconnected pieces of habitat that animals can move between to achieve the effect of a larger ecosystem. These patches occur in cities and […]

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  • Sometimes it Pays to be Messy: The Benefits of Keeping Yards Untended to Create Bee Habitat

    Sometimes it Pays to be Messy Keeping Yards Untended to Create Bee Habitat Sometimes it Pays to be Messy: 4 Benefits of Keeping Yards Untended Mother Nature has a habit of making things messy. That’s just how she likes it—nature is just controlled chaos operating under its own system of checks and balances. It’s perfect […]

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  • national beekeeping program

    World Bee Day celebrated by beekeeping groups nationwide

    World Bee Day is a United Nations recognized global event Public events by beekeeping groups nationwide will amplify the message of World Bee Day to raise awareness of the critical role that bees play in cities and towns nationwide including Seattle, Detroit and New York City. The United Nations General Assembly adopted by consensus a […]

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  • mason bees in the hive

    Get to Know Wild Bee Hotels

    Bee hotels are fast becoming a backyard staple. Similar to birdhouses, bee hotels provide vital and missing nesting habitat. In the wild, hole-nesting bees usually nest in holes in standing dead trees, fallen logs, and broken branches of bushes and large grasses. Wild hole-nesting bees are desperately searching for suitable nesting sites and we’ve seen […]

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  • Stacked Honey Jars

    Funny Honey: the Murky Contents of Commercial Honey

    What is funny honey? With so many options to choose from, shopping in a grocery store can get complicated. This is especially true when it comes to choosing honey. Many of the honey products you will find on shelves is not pure honey, but is rather “funny honey.” If it isn’t just flavored high fructose […]

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  • smoker graphic in color

    Beekeeping 101: Learn How to Use the The Bee Smoker

    Thanks to Sarah Plonski for this article about the bee smoker. Visit her on Sarah Plus Bees The bee smoker is an essential part of a beekeeper’s tool kit. Even if you have very gentle bees and seldom need to use the beekeeper’s smoker, it’s a good idea to have one lit and ready every […]

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