We’re excited to offer you a variety of urban beekeeping short courses and trainings in NYC, led by a Master Beekeeper:

- An Introduction to Beekeeping (and Honey Tasting!) - for anyone interested in bees

- 2019 Urban Beekeeping Apprenticeship - for aspiring beekeepers

- Intermediate Urban Beekeeping Training - for beekeepers looking to refine their skills


Join us on an extraordinary look into the fascinating world of honey bees and beekeeping led by Master Beekeeper, Carin Zinter.


CLASS DATE: Sunday, March 10, 2019, 11:00am - 1:00pm

LOCATION: Flatiron area, Manhattan

WHAT YOU'LL LEARN: the surprising history of beekeeping, how critical bees are to our food system, what is colony collapse disorder and the unique issues urban beekeepers face in New York City. You'll also learn the basics of beehive design, bee biology, and how honey bees communicate through smell, sound and dance. 

WHAT ABOUT HONEY?: You'll learn about that too! We'll wrap up our Urban Beekeeping introduction with a 'honey flight' during which you'll taste a few of the 1,000+ flavors of honey from around the world!

WHAT IF I WANT TO BECOME A BEEKEEPER?: This class is perfect for those of you who are considering beekeeping for the first time. If you decide you want to become a beekeeper, join our 2019 Beekeeping Apprenticeship Team (read below)

A minimal donation of $35 is suggested to support our non-profit and offset the cost of the event

We're excited to offer the 2019 Urban Beekeeping Apprenticeship Program. Apply today for this superior Apprenticeship Program:

    • The only Master Beekeeper-led training program in NYC
    • 15 sessions from March to October (8 months of training!)
    • Opportunities to learn at multiple apiaries across NYC, on rooftops, in parks and with new and seasoned beekeepers
    • Special opportunity to participate in community outreach as a 'Bee Ambassador'
    • Work with a team passionate about bees and beekeeping
    • Training certificate from The Honeybee Conservancy
    • Course-long access to bees, hives, bee suit and beekeeping equipment

Information about the Program

2019 CLASS DATES: Sundays between April - October. Note: weather may result in occasional rescheduling to a Saturday

LOCATION: Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NY


You'll learn fundamentals of bee biology and behavior and the skill of beekeeping. NYC Beekeeping Apprenticeship will cover:

  • Honey Bee Biology And Life Cycle
  • Hive Installation And Placement
  • Beekeeping Apparel & Equipment
  • Honeybee Nutrition
  • Feeding Colonies
  • Equipment Building
  • Package Installation/Hive Inspections/Record Keeping
  • Reproduction, Swarms, Splits & Requeening
  • NYC Beekeeping: Dealing With Neighbors & Community
  • NYC’s Native Bees
  • Diseases, Pests & Treatments
  • Varroa Integrated Pest Management
  • Fall Feeding & Fall Preparations
  • Honey Extraction & Tasting
  • Final Winter Preparations
  • Graduation Ceremony


  • Please note that our meeting dates are subject to change due to inclement weather. If we are not able to meet on a Sunday due to rain or other weather, we will typically move our lesson to the Saturday before a given session.
  • Waivers are required for all hands-on activities
  • You'll receive honey at the end of the program!

Beekeeping is both an art and a science and all beekeepers need to continue refining their craft and honing their skills. The Intermediate Urban Beekeeping course is open to anyone who has already completed a beginner beekeeping course or an apprenticeship program or who has been keeping honey bees and would like to improve their skills.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn in this intermediate beekeeping course:

- When, why, and how to feed bees

- How to increase colony numbers

- How to split colonies and how to manage colonies for swarm control

- When and how to perform Varroa mite count

- The best strategies for mite control

- How to diagnose and treat nosema disease

- Good Neighbor best management practices

Most importantly, you'll learn how to think like a beekeeper!

Not sure if the intermediate course is right for you? Contact us!


CLASS DATES: Sundays, April - October (nine classes)

LOCATION: Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, NY


Master Beekeeper, Carin Zinter

We're excited to offer these educational programs in partnership with talented Master Beekeeper, Carin Zinter. A rare mix of beekeeper and educator, Carin will guide you on your unforgettable beekeeping journey.

Carin is certified as a Master Beekeeper through the rigorous testing established and maintained through the Eastern Apiculture Society. She is a beekeeper who, through her business, C & C Orchards, provides raw, local honey to restaurants and pastry chefs in the northeast. C & C Orchards was winner of the 2017 Good Food Award for best honey

Carin also has spent more than 15 years working in the educational services sector in every capacity from teacher to senior operations director. She is a senior lecturer in management and communications at a University. To keep life buzzing, Carin enjoys training for and racing triathlons and ultramarathons and has her sights set on running a 100 mile race next year (!)



  • Honeybee Democracy by Tom Seely
  • Honeybee Biology & Beekeeping by Dewey Caron & Connor
  • Backyard Beekeeping by James Tew
  • The Backyard Beekeeper by Kim Flottum
  • The Bee-Friendly Garden by Frey and LeBuhn
  • The Bees in Your Backyard by Olivia Carril
  • A World Without Bees by Benjamin & McCallum


  • American Bee Journal
  • Bee Culture

Beekeeping videos

  • More Than Honey - on Amazon Prime
  • Hive Alive - on Netflix
  • Vanishing of the Bees - on Amazon Prime
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