Bee The Solution

Campaign to Save Bees And Reduce Hunger

Let’s help bees and reduce hunger together

Bee The Solution and take action to help the bees and all pollinators.

A growing body of research shows that over 40% of insect pollinators are highly threatened globally, including our native bees. Pollinators are responsible for nearly one in every three bites of food you eat. At the same time, 40 million people in the U.S. live in food-insecure households. We’re on a mission to address both issues through bee conservation, education and local sustainability.

We’re asking you to #BeeTheSolution – an urgent call to take action for bee conservation and help educate the public on the important role bees play in our planet and our local communities when it comes to food sustainability.

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8 Ways to Bee The Solution

#1: Sponsor-A-Hive

Help us add 1 million more bees into communities in need in the US and Canada. We’ll place buzzing native and honey bees in gardens and urban farms that are doing exceptional work to grow fresh produce for schools, soup kitchens, senior citizen centers, and low income neighborhoods.

#2: Become a Citizen Scientist

Become a citizen scientist and gather photos and data about native bees that be compared across sites and cities. You can even host a BeeBlitz event to recruit like-minded people to build a database of bees in your neighborhood that should be nurtured and protected.

#3: Host a Fundraiser

fundraising bee charity

We know. It’s not easy to sit around while the bees are in a crisis. Luckily, hosting a fundraiser to help save the bees is easy. Your Bee The Solution fundraising events serve two purposes: (1) you share information on how everyone can work together to help the bees and (2) you help us cover the funds of running operations and programs such as Sponsor-A-Hive.

#4: Plant a Bee Garden

creating bee habitat

One of the best ways you can help bees is to plant flowering trees or create a bee garden. Bee The Solution and plant flowers that bees love! Or create a bee line with nectar-rich plants such as wildflowers.

#5: Teach Pollinator Education

educational materials

If you are an educator, here is your opportunity to help save the bees and Bee The Solution by enriching the education of our next generation of citizens.

#6: Become a Bee Ambassador

bee ambassador

Inspire the next generation of sustainably-minded citizens by spreading the word about the importance of bees - and how we can all Bee The Solution.

#7: Go Pesticide-Free For Bees

pesticide pledge bees

Pesticides are a major cause of bee deaths, as they wreak havoc on bees' sensitive organisms. Avoid treating plants with synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and neonicotinoids, which are especially harmful to bees. If you must treat your garden, opt for organic pesticide options and spray at night. You can also introduce beneficial insects to keep pests away, such as praying mantises or ladybugs.

#8: Join Our Bee Training

beekeeping training

Sign up for workshops that give you an extraordinary look into the fascinating, complex world of native and honey bees - and how you can help them. Or join a hive of beekeepers getting superior training and mentoring so that you can support bee populations in your local community.