Bee lesson plans

Inspired by a love for bees and sustainability, our bee charity has created this curated library of free bee lesson plans, activity sheets and educational materials for you and your students. We hope it inspires you to incorporate bees, pollinators and sustainability in your classroom.

The Honeybee Conservancy resources and bee lesson plans

Other Resources

Lesson plan title

Grade level

Iowa State University Insect Zoo PreK-4
Africanized Honey Bees on the Move All
Colorful Bees! Mobile K-4
PollinatorLIVE: A Distance Learning Adventure k-12
Trouble in the Hive: Researching the Decimation of Honeybee Colonies 6-12
Become a Bee - lesson plan 1-5
Buzzy, Buzzy Bee 2-7
Get the Buzz on Honey Bees - lesson plan 3-5
MyBeeBook 3-8
Honey Bee Communication: Dance Language 4-8
Pollination and the Honey Bee 4-8
Be A Bee 5-6
Colony Collapse Disorder 6-12

"With The Honeybee Conservancy, we’re creating a bee education program that will bring awareness, excite, and empower students, while dispelling common fears often associated with bees."

Zabeth Runyan,

University of Montana's PEAS Farm

Sponsor-A-Hive bee recipient 2017