Bee The Solution Campaign Launches

Celebrating 10 years & the Empire State Beehive!

On September 25, 2019, The Honeybee Conservancy wrapped up National Honey Month with a bang. Joining forces with Monique Gabriela Curnen - activist and star from the hit TV show Power - The Honeybee Conservancy celebrated their 10th anniversary with two exciting events. They gifted an 8'-tall beehive, created by COOKFOX architects, to the Hell's Kitchen Farm Project, and kicked off the nationwide Bee The Solution campaign.


The Bee The Solution Campaign

We have launched our national Bee The Solution campaign and ask everyone to take action and Bee The Solution to a two-pronged problem: 1.) bee population decline and 2.) food insecurity across the US.

With 1 in 4 US bee species heading toward extinction, a continued population decline would have a devastating impact on national food supply. Bees are keystone pollinators that help produce one-third of the food that we eat. Everyone deserves access to fresh produce, but less bees means less access to fresh produce. With 40 million people in the US already living in food-insecure households, it's never been more important to take a stand for bee conservation and food justice.

Bee The Solution encourages everyone to get involved in the mission to advance bee conservation and reduce hunger together. By stepping up to Bee The Solution, you can help us place 1 million bees to support communities in need across the nation. Find out how you can get involved and #BeeTheSolution.

Everyone deserves access to fresh produce. This wouldn't be possible without healthy bees to pollinate crops, yet 25% of bee species are endangered. You can #BeeTheSolution and create a better future for bees and humans. Click To Tweet

The "Empire State Building" Beehive

cookfox architects with beehive

Spencer Lapp and Kylee Snow

At the launch event, we unveiled the 8'-tall "Empire State Building" beehive! This apiary masterpiece was created by our friends, Spencer Lapp and Kylee Snow, of the award-winning COOKFOX Architects. The beehive will eventually house over 70,000 honey bees, with only one queen bee. This coming spring, the foraging bees will pollinate local flowers within a 2-mile radius of the hive's rooftop location.

The Beehive's Impact on a Rooftop Farm

rooftop urban farm

The beehive is located on the rooftop on the Metro Baptist Church in New York City.

The "Empire State Beehive" has been gifted to Hell's Kitchen Farm Project's urban rooftop farm. Run fully by volunteers, Hell's Kitchen is on a mission to create a more food-secure urban community through collaborative farming, education, and community initiatives. They grow produce and supply it to those in need within the community, including local soup kitchens and food pantries. They have grown up to 400 pounds of produce in the last year. The beehive is expected to increase food production for their urban farm by up to 250 pounds annually. The Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project is a collaboration of MCCNY Charities, Metro Baptist Church, Rauschenbush Metro Ministries and the Clinton Housing Development Company.


hells kitchen

#BeeTheSolution initiative kicks off with 8-foot tall Empire State Building beehive being unveiled by Power TV actress & advocate Monique Gabriela Curnen, Guillermo Fernandez, Executive Director of The Honeybee Conservancy, Tiffany Henkel Pastor & Executive Director of the Hell’s Kitchen Farm Project and Mark Prehn Food Justice Coordinator of the Hell’s Kitchen Food Project.


The Empire State Building Beehive towers at a height of 8 feet, will house 70,000 bees, and boost an urban farm's annual food production by up to 250 pounds. Learn more and #BeeTheSolution. Click To Tweet


Special Guest: Monique Gabriela Curnen!

Monique Gabriela Curnen #beethesolution

The Honeybee Conservancy team and Monique, before the unveiling of the hive.


We were honored to have the support of Monique Gabriela Curnen for the kick-off of our campaign! Also there at the unveiling, our founder, director, and bee expert, Guillermo Fernandez shared about his decades of beekeeping experience and discussed the important role that pollinators and bees play in feeding underserved communities.

There's nothing more powerful than helping bees and communities in need. Monique Gabriela Curnen agrees! You can step up and answer the nationwide call to #BeeTheSolution. Click To Tweet


The Sweetness of Sponsor-A-Hive

honey sponsor a hive

The honey tasting included honey from the Sponsor-A-Hive bees at Cookfox Apiary, Detroit Hives, Bees in the D, and Louisville Grows.


At the launch, we had the pleasure of tasting honey that was sent to us from a handful of our Sponsor-A-Hive partners. Over the last ten years, our Sponsor-A-Hive program has been giving the gift of bees nationwide. Sponsor-A-Hive has deployed 10 million bees into underserved communities in 44 states, producing half a million pounds of food and helping over 747 thousand people gain access to organic, sustainable food and take control over local food insecurity. It is proven that by adding bees to gardens, crops and farms, food production increases by over 71%.

By participating in the #BeeTheSolution campaign, you can help Sponsor-A-Hive and add one million more bees to communities in need nationwide. Click To Tweet



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