Kitchen Tools Creator, Kitchen Innovations, Supports Sponsor-A-Hive

Kitchen Innovations Reflecting Nature

Kitchen Innovations Supports Sponsor-A-Hive

Kitchen Innovations designs, manufactures, and distributes quality kitchen tools that discerning fans appreciate. It’s the latest partner to support The Honeybee Conservancy’s Sponsor-A-Hive program.

In developing its Zeal Reflecting Nature line, Kitchen Innovations ‘ designers found inspiration in nature and the flowers from which bees gather nectar and pollen. Importantly, all Kitchen Innovations tools are made of 100% EEC approved silicone (more on that below).

In an effort to make local food available to all, Sponsor-A-Hive places bees in school and community gardens. The new partnership with Kitchen Innovations will broadcast the plight of bees and demonstrate how people can get involved. The partnership also will place more honey and solitary bees in school gardens, community gardens, and urban farms. In turn, the effort will lead to locally grown, healthy foods for schools, soup kitchens, senior citizen centers, and individuals living within food deserts.

Many Sponsor-A-Hive recipients also educate the public about “food literacy.” These grant recipients teach us how food gets to our plates, how to grow vegetables and fruit, and the nutritional value of particular foods.

Kitchen Innovations' new line of kitchen tools: the Reflecting Nature line

Kitchen Innovations’ line of kitchen tools: the Reflecting Nature line

Nature-Inspired, Highest Quality Kitchen Tools

Before the Honeybee Conservancy partnered with Kitchen Innovations, we were already captivated by the beauty of the kitchen tools. We wanted to learn more about how the tools are manufactured, too. It turns out the products use European grade silicone, which is heat resistant to 572F vs North American grade silicone, which is heat resistant to 300F.  How’s that for safety and durability? We followed up with the “silicon pinch test,” which involves tightly squeezing a part of any silicone kitchen tool. The appearance of white beneath the color discloses that the kitchen tool has fillers and is not 100% silicone. Obviously, we saw no white when testing Kitchen Innovations’ colorful and durable kitchen tools.

Below is the press release distributed today about Kitchen Innovations’ support of The Honeybee Conservancy’s Sponsor-A-Hive bee grant. If you’d like to learn more, visit the Kitchen Innovations website. The Reflecting Nature line can be found at independent cooking stores and soon at mass retailers.

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The Kitchen Innovations Press Release


TORONTO, ON. (April 2017) – The team at Kitchen Innovations realizes the importance of giving back. In an effort to help raise awareness of the rapidly declining bee population, a portion of the proceeds from their ZEAL Reflecting Nature Collection is being donated to The Honeybee Conservancy. This recent donation aligns with the end of National Gardening Month, and will be used to support the Conservancy’s Sponsor-a-Hive program, which empowers communities with the education, tools, supplies, and live bees needed to support sustainable agriculture in their community.

A third of the food we eat come from crops pollinated by bees” said Kitchen Innovations Managing Director, Ryan Boyle. “We recognize the direct link between the health of bees, our own wellbeing, and our industry, so we sought out a partnership that would directly support that cause. The Reflecting Nature™ line is fitting, since the entire line of silicone kitchen tools is inspired by nature. Each item reflects a particular flower or plant.”

Bees play a vital role as pollinators, which is why their sudden die-off in recent years is such a critical environmental issue. Since 2006, more than three million honeybees in North America and billions of honeybees worldwide have mysteriously died. This decline, which has been termed Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), does not have a known cause. Pesticides, habitat loss, parasites, and loss of biodiversity are the suspected culprits.

To learn more about this urgent cause and the valuable programs Kitchen Innovations is supporting in their partnership with The Honeybee Conservancy, visit

About The Honeybee Conservancy

The Honeybee Conservancy/ Anthophilous is a non-profit established in 2009 in response to the bee crisis. They engage in education, outreach, support research and build bee habitats. It is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs.

About Kitchen Innovations

Kitchen Innovations designs, manufactures and distributes gourmet kitchen products at specialty shops and retail stores across North America and Europe and on Their mission is to bring unique kitchen products with functionally superior designs and ergonomics to today’s quality conscious consumers. Kitchen Innovations distributes product across North America, Switzerland, Denmark and the United Kingdom. The head office is located in Toronto Canada and they have sales offices in Atlanta GA and Los Angeles CA, with distribution centers in Chicago and Toronto. Kitchen Innovations products are supported by a 10-year guarantee and are always produced to meet their own exacting standards.

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