‘The Humble Honeybee’, a bee infographic by Hayden Loos

queen bee infographic

An interview with Hayden Loos, the designer of this bee infographic

Hayden took some time to answer some questions about this bee infographic, his interest in bees and how he takes his honey. You can see more of Hayden’s designs at www.haydenloos.com

1. What led you to create this bee infographic?

I created this bee infographic for a student project for a Graphic Design class. Our assignment was to create an infographic about the subject of our choosing, and since I’ve always had a huge interest in insects and arachnids, I chose to do mine on honey bees.

2. While creating this bee infographic, did you learn any surprising facts?

Yes! I had heard of the “waggle dance” before, but I never knew about Dr. Karl von Frisch’s research which decoded the meaning of their movements!

3. What would you like people to take away from this bee infographic?

Most who are passionate about bees, entomology, or animals in general may have already known the majority of the facts I illustrated in the bee infographic. I wanted to design a bee infographic that would reach a wider audience — to instill an interest and appreciation for honey bees to those who may never have given them a second thought before. Also, I feel like although colony collapse disorder is slowly gaining coverage by the media, there are still far too many people that are unaware of the honey bee’s importance or the potential significance of their demise.

4. If bees could speak, what do you think would they say?

Hah. I’d like to think that honey bees would be enormously polite, so I imagine most of what would be overheard in the hive would be, “Excuse me!, Oh, pardon me! Whoops, sorry for bumping into you!”, etc.

5. Sugar or honey?

I take my tea without any sweetener, but I’m all about honey on English muffins, or peanut butter and honey sandwiches!

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