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Penstemon, Rudbeckia and Veronica: An Easy, Breezy, Flowering Combination for Mid-Summer Meadow Gardens…

A sunny, summertime entry garden at Ferncliff – Design and Photo ⓒ Michaela at TGE

Bees buzzing in the garden, sun-tea brewing on the terrace, and books piled high beside the hammock; sweet summertime is here at last. I love waking up to early morning sunshine playing upon the warm, summery colors in my garden. Read the rest of this entry →


07 2010

what is CCD? “colony collapse disorder”

What is it about that title?
Hmmmm…….. ED Erectile dysfunction, RLS restless leg syndrome, ADD Attention deficit disorder.
One thing I have noticed about human nature is that we need to identify, label and vilify the “disorder” so that we can blame someone else, create a patented wonder drug complete with research funding to solve the problem, and of course get bailout funding.
Take for example, the other day I’m in Wal-mart sitting on a bench waiting for my lovely wife. I can hear on the pre-recorded background noise coming from the pharmacy that “dry mouth is a treatable condition”. I was shocked to hear the announcer say that “it might be treatable by sipping water or using [their product].” Go figure! Read the rest of this entry →


06 2010

The Beauty of Bees Up Close

Honey bee macro by Robert Seber. Visit his Flickr page.

Nature produces beauty in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook those finer details that contribute to the beauty of the subject. Macro photography helps us take a look close-up, magnifying the subject. Here are some stunning macro photos of bees by talented photographers. Feel free to visit their Flickr pages and leave them a comment. And make sure to Share this page with friends and spread the beauty of bees close up. Read the rest of this entry →


03 2010

Bee Stung Lips

Photo by Irving Penn.


12 2009

Honeybee image in National Geographic

One of the amazing photos in National Geographic’s 2009 International Photography Contest. Photo by Michael Johnson.


12 2009

By Richard Avedon

Photo by Richard Avedon.  Subject: Ronald Fischer, beekeeper, Davis, California, 5/9/81.

Photo by Richard Avedon


12 2009