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"The Honey Bee and the Hive," CAA London

Things we love: “The Honey Bee and the Hive” exhibit in London’s Contemporary Applied Arts (open through May 1). says, “This extraordinary exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts collates the works of 28 artists who have specially created decorative objects inspired by the honey bee and the hive. The beautiful collection captures the beauty of the threatened species in silver, glass, textile, wood and ceramics.”


04 2010

Beekeeping Art by John Stark

Have you seen John Stark’s impressive art?  Here you see a few select items.  Visit his gallery at

The Drone by John Stark

Empire by John Stark


01 2010

By Richard Avedon

Photo by Richard Avedon.  Subject: Ronald Fischer, beekeeper, Davis, California, 5/9/81.

Photo by Richard Avedon


12 2009