Sponsor a honey bee hive with The Honeybee Conservancy

By welcoming honeybees into our neighborhoods and community gardens we increase the quality and yield of what we grow and help to secure the sustainability of the world’s greatest pollinators.  Join the bee movement and sponsor a hive of honeybees today.

Your donation helps place vibrant beehives in community gardens and public spaces in need of pollination. The hives are placed where they can serve both as a valuable environmental and educational resource.

Your donation goes towards the purchase of a full hive kit, which includes all the supplies needed for a new hive: a smoker, bee suit, bee tools and, of course, a colony of honeybees complete with a Queen and Her Court.

A donation of any size is appreciated! Your donation is 100% tax deductible. To contribute, use the donation button on the right of this page.

2012 Sponsored Hives:

Beehive in Downtown Manhattan

Location: Downtown Manhattan

About the hive: This hive serves pollinates a green space in a skyscraper-filled part of Manhattan.  According to one of the beekeepers, “the hive brings surprise and joy to the faces of passersby when they see urban beekeeping taking place in the Big Apple.”  In addition to pollinating downtown Manhattan, the honey bee hive serves as a educational resource for nearby grade school students learning about pollination and urban agriculture.

Sponsored beehives serve as educational resources

Location:  Hudson Valley, NY

About the Hive: This community hive pollinates the gardens and is part of the programming of an educational center dedicated to helping teach children about sustainability and gardening.

Past Sponsored Hives:

NYC beekeepers at one of nycbeekeeping.org's training apiaries

Location: Over a dozen hives in apiaries across The Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan

About the Hives: In partnership with nycbeekeeping.org, urban bee havens and training apiaries have been set up across the Big Apple as part of a visionary plan to contribute to New York City’s sustainability efforts. The apiaries are an integral part of nycbeekeeping.org’s free beekeeping course and community outreach efforts, which include educational and training demonstrations for new urban beekeepers, visiting school children and community groups.

The very first batch of La Cacica's Bronx honey

Location: The Bryant Hill Community Garden, The Bronx

About the hive: What was once a rubble-strewn vacant lot in the South Bronx has been resurrected as a lush, organic garden complete with a honeybee hive. In addition to pollinating the organic vegetable garden, the honeybees at the Bryant Hill Community Garden produce “La Cacica Honey,” a seasonal Bronx honey with 100% of proceeds going directly to the upkeep of the Garden.  Nearby schools and children’s groups have visited the Garden to learn about about the importance of honeybees, composting and how to plant seedlings.