Science & Environmental Education



Our science and education programs build environmental stewardship by teaching children and adults about the lives of bees. During classroom visits, we bring a portable observation hive and teaching materials to safely introduce children to bees. We generate Q&A and a dialogue about bees, pollination and our ecosystem.  “Where’s the Queen Bee” is the #1 question we hear from young students including the 5th Grade class we recently visited in Florida.

Field trips are a valuable part of every student’s learning experience. Our BeeVillage locations have received young visitors seeking experience bees and their environment first hand.

Teachers and students nationwide also use the free lesson plans and activity sheets in our Sponsor-A-Hive Educator’s Kit. These teacher-designed lessons build reading and science skills and empower students to help the bees.


Here is a recent collaboration on a child-focused event and comic book by Intercontinental Barclay Hotel, which is committed to sustainability: