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Dispatch from Devon: Talking bees on “Talking Bees”

Totnes castle

Beekeeper John Howe on his experiences in Devon, UK, where they are working on getting town council approval to keep bees on the historic Totnes castle meadow.

Hello there from Totnes, Devon!

Been here since December and I am finally getting my feet on the ground in the beekeeping world. Here’s what’s up:

First off, my wife, Ann, and I made the acquaintance of one Larch Maxey an environmentalist and transition town (henceforward “TT”) activist and we have become good friends. A really sweet guy. I approached him with the idea of going in together with me on a beehive on his allotment (patch of community garden). Turns out we’re going into a bigger notion.  You see, he is also a member of a local group called ” Little Bo People” who managed to get town council approval for keeping sheep on the Totnes castle meadow (qv), which is public property. They have now diversified and also want approval for fruit trees and bees on the meadow. So we have put together a proposal to that effect. Larch and I are co-chairs of a Little Bo Bee People (as I call us) sub-committee.

I would be in charge of two hives on the meadow and Larch and the rest of the sub-committee (there are two more) would be my assistants. The proposal is now ready to submit and we shall see what the council decides. I will keep you apprised of developments as they go on.

Cheers then! Later!


11 2013

Artist John Stark’s “Apiculture” exhibition at the Charlie Smith London – opening October 6th

One of our favorite artists, John Stark, will have an upcoming exhibition, Apiculture, opening on the 6th of October at Charlie Smith Gallery in London.  We published a short blog post about his art back in August of 2010.

Copyright John Stark

Copyright John Stark

An interview with John Stark in Spoonfed sheds some light on beekeeping imagery that is woven through a number of his paintings:

These beehives form the narrative crux of the exhibition, and lend a new “conceptual cohesion” to John’s work. Under the title of Apiculture, the works trace the ritual undertakings of a series of strange figures, like a cult of bee-keepers, anonymous under brightly coloured hoods and black face-masks. These bees, for John, are  “a really nice open metaphor, that can be read in so many different ways. All through the history of literature and art, the beehive has been cited as an example of utopian society, of a selfless existence. Do these hives represent the world? An idealised world? Art, even? Are the keepers the artists, producing the art, or the collectors harvesting the art?” Importantly, these possibilities are kept delicately open.

Copyright John Stark

Copyright John Stark

John Stark – Apiculture can be seen at the Charlie Smith London gallery from October 6 to November 12,  2011.


09 2011

"The Honey Bee and the Hive," CAA London

Things we love: “The Honey Bee and the Hive” exhibit in London’s Contemporary Applied Arts (open through May 1). says, “This extraordinary exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts collates the works of 28 artists who have specially created decorative objects inspired by the honey bee and the hive. The beautiful collection captures the beauty of the threatened species in silver, glass, textile, wood and ceramics.”


04 2010

Buzz over new bumblebee discovery

From BBC News:
“A species of bumblebee has been spotted in Scotland for the first time in 50 years.

The Southern Cuckoo bumblebee was found near the border with England at St Abbs in Berwickshire. Read the rest of this entry →

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02 2010