• Honey bee by Robert Sebr.  Visit his Flickr page.

    Honeybee Movies Are the Buzz! What’s in YOUR Popcorn?

    If you fly to YouTube and put a search on “honeybees,” you’ll get 152,000 hits! That’s a lotta popcorn, so we selected six movies/videos that explain the importance of — and threat to — our planet’s honeybees. Note: If you’ve only got a minute, learn the basics from any one of HoneyBee Conservancy’s three, one-minute public […]

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  • EarthFest 2013 at the Battery Conservancy Urban Farm

    The Honeybee Conservancy Celebrates Earth Day at the Battery Urban Farm’s EARTH FEST!

    Bee at the Battery Urban Farm’s EARTH FEST Join us as we work to raise awareness about bees and beekeeping at EARTH FEST, an exciting event by The Battery Conservancy and Battery Urban Farmers and friends designed to raise awareness about food and farming and the roles that both play in sustainable communities. EARTH FEST […]

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  • Green Festival NYC 2013

    Our Urban Beekeeping talk at Green Festival

    Join us at the largest sustainability event in the world We’re committed to working towards a more sustainable future, which is why on Earth Day Weekend, we joined NYC Beekeeping to speak on Urban Beekeeping at Green Festival®, the largest sustainability event in the world, held in LEED-certified North Pavilion of New York City’s Javits Center […]

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  • Blessing of the Bees at NYC's Cathedral of St. John the Divine. Photo © by Jan Mun

    Cathedral Of St. John The Divine Welcomes–and Blesses–New Honey Bee Hive

    NYC Beekeeping and the Cathedral of St. John the Divine team up for bees A new urban honey bee sanctuary has been installed in the gardens of The Cathedral of St. John the Divine. The Cathedral gardens, which are already home to three peacocks and a family of red-tailed hawks, is now also home to a […]

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  • © 2011 NYC Beekeeping

    The Bee Course: For Bee Lovers & Beekeepers in “The Big Apple”

    A free intro course on beekeeping If you are curious about bees and beekeeping, now is a great time to start The Bee Course.  We will be offering this in depth program in cooperation with NYC Parks Dept for the 4th year in 2011-2012. The first sessions give you foundations in bee biology and behavior […]

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  • CC image courtesy of Jean Tosti on Flickr

    Trees, Bees and Global Warming

    Global forests are suffering from rising temperatures There are a number of important reasons why the Carmel Forest should mostly be allowed to rehabilitate itself. According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies the temperatures across the planet between December 1, 2009, and November 30, 2010, show that 2010 ranks as the hottest year on […]

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  • A better place for us all

    Marla Spivak’s quest to uncover the factors of CCD “There is something palpable about these new MacArthur Fellows, about their character as explorers and pioneers at the cutting edge. These are women and men improving, protecting, and making our world a better place for us all. ”   ~~ Daniel J. Socolow, Director of the MacArthur […]

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  • sibbettgroupplanheader

    Thank you Häagen Dazs for the Honeybee Haven!

    The Häagen-Dazs Honey Bee Haven at UC Davis Scheduled to open on September 11th, the Haven will not only serve as a research and pollinating facility but as a tool to raise awareness about the plight of honey bees.  As the Sacramento Bee has reported, “America is losing its honey bees at an alarming rate […]

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  • bees-bombs-large

    Bees Join the Workforce: Anti-terrorism

    Honeybees olfactory senses may aid anti-terrorist efforts Honeybees may soon be used for more than pollination.  Who knew that these insects could play a role in national security? Scientists working with federal organizations, such as the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, have been training honeybees to augment dogs used for bomb detection.  Honeybees have a […]

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  • ©CC Bumble Bee Courtesy of Marilyn Peddle

    Sweet! New videos to buzz about – and share!

    Sweet! New videos to buzz about – and share! Since 2006, more than three million honeybees in the U.S. and billions worldwide have mysteriously died, which affects one in three mouthfuls of food we eat. Get involved. Help us help us raise awareness by sharing our new public service announcement videos. To share these videos, paste our video […]

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