The Bee Course: For Bee Lovers & Beekeepers in “The Big Apple”

A free intro course on beekeeping

If you are curious about bees and beekeeping, now is a great time to start The Bee Course.  We will be offering this in depth program in cooperation with NYC Parks Dept for the 4th year in 2011-2012.

The first sessions give you foundations in bee biology and behavior and will help you determine whether you’ll be ready to keep bees on your own this Spring, would prefer to join a community team, or just want to learn and volunteer with us. In spring as weather permits, we progress to hands-on sessions in our urban apiaries, exposing students to dozens of hives at various stages of growth.

The Course is offered free of charge.

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  • Well, I’m bee haters! Last time I climb a mango tree to get some mango for my girlfriend smaller bee’s attack me, about 20 bite all over my body and let myself jump in that high tree. It’s a program too, honey bee is sweet!