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Trees, Bees and Global Warming

There are a number of important reasons why the Carmel Forest should mostly be allowed to rehabilitate itself.

According to NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies the temperatures across the planet between December 1, 2009, and November 30, 2010, show that 2010 ranks as the hottest year on record. And clearly after the worst-ever forest fire on Mount Carmel few Israelis would dispute the consequences of rising temperatures, prolonged droughts and intense heat waves.

European honeybee pollinating Prasium majus, Reches Etzba, Mount Carmel, Israel. CC image courtesy of Gideon Pisanty on Flickr.

It is heart-breaking for those of us who have spent many decades working in wild forests around the globe observing these magnificent and complex systems that were designed to be carbon dioxide sinks (that is to remove CO2 from the stratosphere), now becoming sources of CO2 – emitting the main rising greenhouse, temperature-trapping gas on Earth.

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01 2011

Listening to the Honeybees: Ban neurotoxins and plant bee-friendly flowers

This New Year marks a time when citizens around the globe celebrate the bountiful blue planet and the fruits of its earth. Yet, something just isn’t right. Worldwide we are entering into another consecutive year of hundreds of billions of dead Italian honeybees.

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01 2011