Nature is Quite Forgiving

Reflections on Nature and Recovery

I walked to the back 40 this morning with my two teenage sons and our very excited family dog to pick blackberries. As I reached into the thorny bush to gently massage a clump of juicy ripe berries, I was struck with the thought of how quickly nature heals herself if we let her.
Several years ago, one of our neighbors had a bulldozer come in and make 3 large piles of logs and brush out of 6 acres of beautiful native forest. I grumbled about it to my wife on more than one occasion and was excited when they wanted to sell. We bought it, and forgot about it. I’m sure our other neighbors grumbled about us not brush hogging it like a responsible land owner does.
This year we have a bumper crop of wild blackberries covering the land. You can’t even see the ground, as the brush is so thick. Where there was once disturbed soil, there is now fertile and productive growth. The microbes and worms in the soil are recovering nicely and the erosion has stopped.
Unless we interfere, over time that area will once again be an old growth forest with tall majestic trees.
What does this have to do with honey bees?

Nature is quite consistent. She never gets discouraged and always recovers.

The honey bees are recovering from our ignorance and interference. There are beekeepers who are prospering. They are the ones who listen to the bees and respond with as little manipulation as possible.
But what about the beekeepers who have been taking the government handout/bailouts? I suspect that if we were to look closer we would find that those beekeepers aren’t working with nature but against her. The irony is… they are being rewarded for over managing or even mismanaging their hives.
At Beelanding we’re not offering bailouts but rather, information, ideas, workshops, hands-on experience, and a bee friendly bee hive. What we are doing here takes work and experimentation. I’ve been thinking what kind of handout I can offer. Hmmmmm….. seems like the best I can do is to offer you a cool glass of blackberry mead, when you pay us a visit.

  • Seeko

    “I was struck with the thought of how quickly nature heals herself if we let her.”
    While your observations are accurate, you are missing the mark. Nature is the result of plan and purpose by Jesus Christ as the Bible tells us. He was there in the beginning and put it all together. I urge you not to miss the opportunity to give thanks where and to whom thanks is due – it's good for the soul and I find the truth sets me free.

  • fantastic thoughts, so like my own and so refreshing to read – love your blog !!

  • Kauravai

    Thanks for sharing your idea about bees, its very informative for the likes of us.

  • Kauravai

    According to the old scriptures (Vedanta) this world came out of nothing, much like an illusion. According to quantum physics it is much like a thought. According to Jesus this world is not his kingdom. In a nutshell – the world that we experience is not as we like to believe just because theres a book written by man that says that God created this hell. Have we made God in our own image? If God is Love as Jesus portrayed in the “Prodigal Son” analogy, is he capable of even needing praise or our constant gratitude for this imperfect creation? I give thanks to God for his love for his Son (me and you and everyone else). At the fundamental level of existence, you and I are literally one ie God has only one Son. Love and light