• Bee-Homeslide3

    Plight of the Dwindling Honeybee

    The urgent need to support organic initiatives and save the bees Each spring, during my childhood, I planted trees with my dad and my brother, and the bees always intrigued us. Last year, in late June, I finished “The Incomparable Honeybee;” I was cautiously optimistic that the overall death rate amongst honeybees was trending downward. […]

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  • tellingthebees

    Letters to the Melissae – Storytelling the Bees

    Letters to the Melissae is a series of posts on the spiritual, mythological and folkloric legacy of the ancient relationship between honeybees and human beings. In Ancient Greek mythology and religion, the term Melissae sometimes referred to honey nymphs (also called Meliae) and later became a term that also encompassed several sects of priestess, including […]

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  • CC image courtesy of Jean Tosti on Flickr

    Nature is Quite Forgiving

    Reflections on Nature and Recovery I walked to the back 40 this morning with my two teenage sons and our very excited family dog to pick blackberries. As I reached into the thorny bush to gently massage a clump of juicy ripe berries, I was struck with the thought of how quickly nature heals herself […]

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  • Life With Wings. 1 of 4 Panels. Copyright Mika Holtzinger 2008

    Bee poems: Oh, for a bee’s experience of clovers and of noon! (A bee poem by Emily Dickinson)

    THE BEE by Emily Dickinson Like trains of cars on tracks of plush I hear the level bee: A jar across the flowers goes, Their velvet masonry Withstands until the sweet assault Their chivalry consumes, While he, victorious, tilts away To vanquish other blooms.

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  • Aesclepias-tuberosa-Butterflyweed-ⓒ-Michaela-at-TGE

    Butterfly Weed (Aesclepias Tuberosa): Bold, Beautiful and the Life of the Midsummer Garden Party

    Bring color and bees to your garden with the Butterfly Weed Oh to be a butterfly! Just imagine fluttering upon the delightful butterfly weed blossom; saturated in golden-orange color and loaded with sweet nectar. What a feast! Why I’d flit from flower to flower, happily sharing precious pollen with hovering hummingbirds and buzzing bees, from […]

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  • 595px-Corn-tassel-honeybees

    Leave Me the Birds and the Bees, Please

    Italy bans the use of neonicotinoid pesticides to protect bees. “Hey farmer, farmer, put away your DDT.  I don’t care about spots on my apples.  Just leave me the birds and the bees, please.” Big Yellow Taxi, Joni Mitchell Did you see this little news item that ran back in May:  “Italy Bans Pesticide for […]

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  • Rudbeckia-hirta-Becky-Mixed-ⓒ-Michaela-at-TGE

    Penstemon, Rudbeckia and Veronica: An Easy, Breezy, Flowering Combination for Mid-Summer Meadow Gardens

    Gardening for bees and humans alike: black-eyed Susan, sky-blue speedwell, and beard’s tongue Bees buzzing in the garden, sun-tea brewing on the terrace, and books piled high beside the hammock; sweet summertime is here at last. I love waking up to early morning sunshine playing upon the warm, summery colors in my garden.

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