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Bee Stung Lips

Photo by Irving Penn.


12 2009

Support the campaign for a L.L. Langstroth Stamp

Support the campaign for a L.L. Langstroth Stamp

Join the campaign for a U.S. stamp honoring Rev. L.L. Langstroth, aka “The Father of American Beekeeping” and the inventor of the movable frame hive. 

Write a letter to the USPS Stamp Advisory Committee, which will be considering a Langstroth commemorative stamp at a meeting this January. Click below for their address and more info. (A big thanks to the Science Friday Initiative for spearheading this important project!)



12 2009

Honeybee image in National Geographic

One of the amazing photos in National Geographic’s 2009 International Photography Contest. Photo by Michael Johnson.


12 2009

NYC is lifting its ban on beekeeping!

Buzz over the Big Apple: NYC is lifting its ban on beekeeping!

Friday, December 18, 2009

New York Times reports that beekeeping will be legalized in NYC!


12 2009

Where “candy” got its name…(Honey)

Where “candy” got its name

In ancient times, so much honey was exported from Crete that the island’s Venetian name, Candia, became the word for all those sweets we now call “candy”


12 2009

By Richard Avedon

Photo by Richard Avedon.  Subject: Ronald Fischer, beekeeper, Davis, California, 5/9/81.

Photo by Richard Avedon


12 2009